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Direct marketing

Direct marketing, also known as direct marketing, is a strategy based on direct communication or distribution to individual consumers and not through third parties, such as various advertising media (television, radio, etc.). Some of the most popular forms of direct marketing that we apply in Agora Promotions are communication through messages and specifically, sms, emails as well as messages through social networks.

Direct marketing can be very effective because it eliminates intermediaries. Through personal contact with interested consumers, it is easier to understand their needs and therefore meet them. Thus, turning them into customers can be done easier than through a more impersonal approach.

Mailing services

Postal services are also a reliable way of marketing. In this age of technology, the best way to send promotional messages by mail is of course by e-mail. As you will all hear, email marketing is one of the most effective methods of promoting products and services.

After all, most internet users have their own email address. This way, sending targeted messages can reach new audiences and expand your customer base. However, every mailing campaign must be organized and implemented in the appropriate way in order to ensure the best results and of course to exclude that your messages will be treated as unwanted.

Coupon marketing

Applying discount coupons and offers is one of the most successful ways to promote your product. In fact, at a time when e-commerce is booming, the proper use of coupons can offer a huge boost to a business’s sales. However, this requires specialized knowledge, experience and, above all, a proper analysis of consumer behavior. Something you will of course find at Agora Promotions.


The correct use of your physical space – store is a key element of success. The way your products will be placed in the space can significantly affect consumer behavior. This is exactly what is achieved with planograms.

Simply put, the planogram is an excellent marketing tool that aims at the detailed design of the layout of a physical store. Thanks to our many years of marketing experience, we are able to design effective planograms through which we will increase your sales. You will notice for yourself that placing products in your store is able to significantly increase their sales.

Of course, the integrated marketing services we offer do not only focus on the above elements. Utilizing all available means and tools, we implement effective campaigns with guaranteed results. Contact us and talk to us about the needs of your business. We will make sure to implement the best promotional campaign based on your needs.

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