About us

Agora Promotions is a modern and innovative company that is active in the implementation of integrated sales promotion & Marketing services.

From 1994 until today, our well-trained staff offers complete solutions to companies of all types and sizes.

With an emphasis on the modern needs of the market, we adapt our services to ensure excellent results for each of our customers.

Our services

The main object of our company’s activity is the provision of integrated promotion and marketing services. Our services aim both at the optimal promotion of your brand and at the proper promotion of your products and services to the appropriate audience. Within our services we offer:

  • Marketing Services
  • Sales Services
  • Consumer Promotion
  • Trade Promotion

Always studying the needs of each company and adapting our services to them. After all, this is the only way we can ensure guaranteed results for all our customers.

Our philosophy

The knowledge and experience of Agora Promotions is the guarantee for the effectiveness of your promotions. Our basic philosophy is the nationwide implementation of successful collaborations that will ensure the desired results with speed and efficiency. Our many years of engagement with promotion and marketing services allows us to be able to deal with each case with the most appropriate approach and based on the unique needs of each company.

We know that the effective promotion of a brand requires specialized solutions from a complete marketing company. In addition, we understand that effectiveness requires a combination of a detailed strategy design and creative – innovative promotions.

Each object of activity has its own audience. Approaching this audience, however, is not always a simple matter. In order to achieve the most appropriate way, it requires the experience and expertise of a modern marketing company such as Agora Promotions.

Our network

As mentioned above, our main priority is to provide complete solutions to all companies, regardless of headquarters and area of activity.

Thus, in order to offer nationwide coverage, we have special exclusive partners in various regions of our country.

In this way we manage to ensure the speed and quality of our services.

The present day

Today, Agora Promotions has become one of the largest companies in the field, presenting an ever-increasing turnover, increasing its clientele and the number of Projects it undertakes and implements.

In addition to:

  • Completely controls the implementation of Projects
  • Selects and trains staff
  • It has the appropriate infrastructure to support services such as transportation and storage.

The reasons for choosing our services?

But of course the optimal promotion of your brand and the provision of guaranteed results in every promotion. Through a modern approach, our experts will take care to reach the right audience, highlight the strengths of your business and turn that audience into customers for your business.

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